100-Quest 2007
Kaleidoscope Dives

Performance Designs - The Dream of Flight
Skydive DeLand
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Kaleidoscope 2007 - Roster

Alibrandi, Alberto
Alkek, Jim
Antonsen, Vidar
Arzillo, Mike
Balashov, Illya
Bangs, Glenn
Barnes, Bob
Bennett, Betty 
Bernier, Guillaume
Bich, Antoine
Binder, Bill
Brennan, Liam
Brouwers, Jose
Burgaud, François
Burgess, Sally
Byrne, Bob
Calledare, Rambo
Campbell, Bill
Clark, Fred
Cleino, Barbie
Cooper, Kate
Daugherty, Carl
Delgado, Rich
Diller, Marty
Domeier, Bob
Donlon, Michael
Donovan, Jack
Duke, Susan
Edwards, Burt
Ferrell, Ray
Filliposwki, Dafi
Finley, Chuck
Franklin, Scott
French, Louis
Furchner, Nick
Garman, Randy
Gilbert, Gulcin
Graham, Jim
Ha Thi Bich, Van
Hallett, Bob
Henderson, Larry
Henry, Jbird
Hively, Al
Huber, Alex
Huminsky, Sky
Hunnicutt, Lee
Ivanov, Oleg 
Jenkins, Tom
Jensen, Carsten
Jernigan, Donna 
Johns, Bob
Johnston, Mike
Joyce, Steven
Keenan, Kevin
Klimas, Dr. Dick
Kobzik, Barbara
Kotlyarov, Sergey
Kravtsov, Victor
Kuhlmann, Ginger
Laidlaw, Rob
Lambert, Glenn
Long, Ernie
Macario, Scott
Massey, Ben
Mazur, Janet
McGahee, Marc 
Miley, Truett
Moore, Larry
Morrison, Tim
Nestor, Mike
Nowatney, Michael
Oolman, Mike
Pavlu, Dawn
Peck, Carey
Ponce de Leon, Roger
Raible, Mikey
Reyling, Andy
Rheinwald, Klaus
Riggs, Pam
Robinson, Splash
Roy, Christian
Rumaner, Helaine
Rumble, Fortson
Serafini, Claudio
Sforza, Franz
Slocum, Jimbob
Stumm, Bob
Thal-Slocum, Val
Thomas, Derek
Tommaso, Lou
Unterhofer, Klaus 
Valin, Didier
Vlasova, Olga
Walrond, John
Weible, Tim
Wertheimer, Steve
Williams, Solly
Wolfe, Michael
Worth, BJ
Wrang, Jørgen
Wright, Bob
Wright, Guy
Wright, Mary 
Wynne, Janna
Yurash, Igor
Zhdanov, Dmitry
Part time:

Gaebel, Kurt

Andrey Veselov
Gustavo Cabana
Bruno Brokken
Gaby Meis
Phil Roberson

Hello Kaleidoscope Divers,

I want to thank everyone who participated on the Kaleidoscope Dives this year for making 2007 our best series of big-ways to date. It was so much fun making one great skydive after another. Each dive had its own unique set of challenges, and we learned to handle all (most) of them with a progressive learning curve until we achieved our desired goals. All those smiles and positive vibes on the DZ made my heart sing.

The stable weather (albeit nippy in the mornings), the professional support from Skydive DeLand and National Skydiving League, and the expert guidance from our talented Plane Captains gave us the opportunity to raise the bar, but it was a combination of consistent individual performances and collaborative teamwork that made the magic happen in the sky - over and over again. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

There are a lot of moving parts when putting 100+ skydivers in the sky together, and an injury free (almost) event doesn't happen by chance. Thank you ALL for keeping the "Safety First" lamp burning throughout this event!

Our Camera Team led by Andrey Veselov, along with Gustavo Cabana and Phil Roberson did a super job recording debrief video as well as snapping some incredible images of our handiwork. We would like to have a DVD made of these dives, but I hesitate to commit to an event DVD that requires using PAL and NTSC video formats and material from three nations... but we are trying to make this happen. There are, however, great opportunities to get photographs for our walls by perusing the following websites, and making contact with the photographer(s) of our choice:

Andrey Veselov - Gustavo Cabana - Phil Roberson

So what do we do for next year? Let's try to improve the Kaleidoscope Dives everywhere we can, so we can raise the bar another notch! And how do we do this? I encourage you to let me know your thoughts on ways that we can improve this event. Already, we have decided to provide the Plane Captains with better tools to work with, such as having a separate debrief area for each Plane Team. I am sure there are many more ways to make additional improvements. So, please send me any and all of your critiques.

Until next year, then, I wish you all a happy holiday season.

Safe skies,


PS: For those of you on World Team '06, you will be getting a special present in the coming weeks - finally!

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Kaleidoscope 2007 - Dive Plan
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Kaleidoscope Drawings by Rags Raghanti
Dive 1

Jump 01
Jump 02
Jump 03
Jump 05

Dive 2

Jump 07 - A
Jump 07 - B

Dive 3

Dive 4

Jump 13

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