Bigway-Quest 2012
Kaleidoscope Dives

Skydive DeLand

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Dive Design by Rags Raghanti
Kaleidoscope Dives
$890 per Person
(additional fees for on-line payments)
Check payments by mail to:
National Skydiving League, 1665 Lexington Avenue 104, DeLand, FL 32724
  • Registration fee
  • BJ Worth + team captains
  • High Altitude Jumps
  • Event T-Shirt + Gloves
  • Refund and cancellation policy Kaleidoscope Dives
    Missed jumpsRefund per ticket
    Internal replacement without refund transactionNo charge
    Cancellation with refund transaction$50 charge
    Cancellation without replacement within four weeks$500 Refund

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