SkyQuest 2012
November 15 - 18

Skydive DeLand

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How Can I Participate at SkyQuest 2012?

Get in touch with the manager of your event first of all (BJ Worth for the Kaleidoscope Dives, National Skydiving League for the 4-way competition). The event managers are all listed on the right side (black part of the event pages) with e-mail links. They will provide you with all the details for your event.

Once you have your slot and your are qualified, you can make your payment by credit card directly on-line (additional bank fees apply), or you can send a check to the address below. On-line payments can only be accepted until November 10. Afterwards, payments have to be made upon arrival (see "Event Schedule"). Getting things done early saves time on site...

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National Skydiving League
1665 Lexington Ave. - Suite 104
DeLand, FL 32724
NSL Championship
$100 per Team + Tickets
(additional fees for on-line payments)
  • Registration fee
  • Event T-Shirt
  • Medals, trophy, prizes and fun
  • NSL News team page
  • Kaleidoscope Dives
    $890 per Person
    (additional fees for on-line payments)
  • Registration fee
  • BJ Worth + team captains
  • High Altitude Jumps
  • Event T-Shirt + Gloves

  • Refund and cancellation policy Kaleidoscope Dives
    Missed jumps Refund per ticket
    Internal replacement without refund transaction No charge
    Cancellation with refund transaction $50 charge
    Cancellation without replacement within four weeks $500 Refund

    Refund policy NSL 4-way Quest
    Missed jumps Refund per ticket
    Cancellation without refund transaction No charge
    Cancellation with refund transaction $50 charge

    The package prices are subject to changes and depend on Skydive DeLand's jump rates, which are directly related to fuel costs. Refunds will only be made after the official end of the event.

    NSL 4-way Quest
    What is the NSL 4-way Quest?
    Participant Information
    Contact: National Skydiving League

    Kaleidoscope Dives
    What are the Kaleidoscope Dives?
    History of the Kaleidoscope Dives
    Contact: BJ Worth

    What is the Swoop-Quest?
    History of the Swoop-Quest
    Contact: t.b.d.

    SkyQuest History
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    SkyQuest Management
    National Skydiving League
    Skydive DeLand
    Sign-up, payments, downloads
    Event Schedule

    Area Hotels
    - Click Here for more detailed information about the area hotels that offer special NSL rates.

    SkyQuest Sponsorship
    Click Here to request information on how you can become a SkyQuest sponsor and/or provide awards for the events.