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What is the 40-Quest event?

Exciting 40-way competition is the final destination

SkyQuest Forida had already become a popular event at Fantasy of Flight when Guy Wright contacted the SkyQuest management in 2004. He was interested in organizing his 40-50way group under the umbrella of SkyQuest. The size of his group fit into the SkyQuest concept, and the plane capacaties were available. It was a deal, and Guy Wright and SkyQuest management agreed to give this event the name "Team Elite".
Team Elite in action at SkyQuest 2005, photo: Phil Roberson
The first appearance at SkyQuest 2004 was a great success, and Team Elite came back for more SkyQuest action at Fantasy of Flight in 2005.

When SkyQuest 2006 moved to Skydive DeLand, SkyQuest management and Guy Wright discussed the options, and Team Elite's leader decided to continue with the same project at a different location.

However, the SkyQuest management had already committed even much earlier to include the 40-way project in SkyQuest's future events with a long-term goal: bring back the exciting 40-way competition of the old days.

More Team Elite action ay SkyQuest 2005, photo: Phil Roberson
Skydive DeLand with Tom Piras as the leader and Skydive City with several other skydiving greats battled every year between the mid 80's and early 90's for the honor of the faster and better 40-way team. SkyQuest has re-initiated the 40-way event, and it will hopefully soon turn into the exciting 40-way competition it used to be.

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