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What are the Kaleidoscope Dives?

BJ Worth and his World Team

When SkyQuest was created and the first plans were made in 2001, NSL President Kurt Gaebel contacted Worth and asked him if he was interested in managing the big-ways for the new event.
Kaleidoscope Dives manager BJ Worth at Fantasy of Flight
Kaleidoscope Dives manager BJ Worth at Fantasy of Flight
BJ Worth and Kurt Gaebel have known each other for several years, mostly through their common interest in the development of the sport. BJ Worth has been serving for the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) for a long time, he was the IPC President for many years, and he is still IPC President of Honor.

BJ Worth is also a former world champion in 8-way Formation Skydiving competition. He won world meet gold medals with his legendary US team Mirror Image in the late 70's. Former 8-way team mate Roger Ponce De Leon is still one of BJ's team captains at the Kaleidoscope Dives.

Kaleidoscope Dive at SkyQuest 2005
Last not least, BJ Worth has also been responsible for several skydiving stunts in mainstream movies. His doubles for Mr. James Bond have always been some of the most popular scenes in Hollywood. The most famous one is probably the jump from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

BJ liked the idea of the multiple-discipline event and agreed. He also saw the Kaleidoscope Dives as a great opportunity to train with his current World Team members and prepare potentially new candidates. BJ Worth always brings his high-profile team captains, so he can guarantee professional planning, jump preparations and debriefing for all participants. As a result, the Kaleidoscope Dives have been a crucial and exciting part of SkyQuest.

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