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What is the Swoop-Quest?

Hit the water and the mainstream
The Fantasy Swoop event is the most dynamic event of Skyquest. Skydivers will jump from an altitude of less than one mile (which is easily visible to the public), open their parachutes pretty quickly and then set up for a 40 - 60 MPH swoop landing, right in front of the crowd. The event requires competitors to actually make contact with the water on their swoop landing before they then control their high performance wings to a precision landing.

(from www.skyleague.com):
The Pond Swooping event promises to be one of the most attractive and exciting events of SkyQuest Florida. Two perfectly located and shaped ponds allow approaches according to the current wind direction at any time. The individual player competition will be held from a jump altitude of 5,000 feet over a total of four competition and four practice rounds.

Pete Allum organized the event at SkyQuest 2001, Lyle Presse at SkyQuest 2002, Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli at SkyQuest 2003, Chris Hayes at SkyQuest 2004,SkyQuest 2005 and SkyQuest 2006. Get in touch with the event manager of the upcoming event to reserve your slot.

Swooping pond at Fantasy of Flight

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What is the Swoop-Quest?
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